An All-in-One Shoe Online Store – Choose, Measure and Buy It!

Buying shoes for children has always been a tedious process, especially if we are talking about children between 15-36 months. Their feet grow day by day and their parents should buy shoes very often. Having this in mind, our client, came to an idea to develop a solution that will solve this problem.



  • To have an online store (an eCommerce site) which will provide easy organization of all new products, keep track of everything that they have on stock and ability to check what’s in stock at every moment;
  • To have a mobile application which will be connected to the store and as such will allow the customers to easily browse through the products, check them and buy if they want;
  • And finally, since the process of measuring child’s foot is a bit complicated, to find an easy way to measure the child’s foot by using only the phone.


We decided to create an online store using Shopify and connect it to the mobile application which was created using Xamarin. Once all this was done, we have connected the mobile application to the store and then we had to find a solution for measuring the children’s feet. We had several options, and we chose the simplest and easiest – measuring the foot with the help of the phone camera and the credit card by using Computer Vision/Augmented Reality. The result was an all-in-one online store allowing the customers to browse through the offered products, chose the one that they like and easily measure the size and afterwards buy it.



  • Unique application which simplifies measuring the feet and buying children’s shoes using only phone and a credit card;
  • Increased sales of the products;
  • Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction;
  • Increased number of clients.
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