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Charity box in InterWorks

InterWorks always participates in humanitarian actions, helping those that are in need. In accordance to that, our employees made an initiative to introduce the “Charity box”. We placed it in the kitchen and whenever there is someone in need, the company and its employees gather donations. Our last successful action was regarding the floods that […]

Dutch embassy support (MMF & CBI)

July, 2013

Among a severe number of IT companies from Macedonia, InterWorks was elected in the MMF and CBI programs of the Dutch embassy in Skopje. Both programs are expected to give big impulse on InterWorks goal to penetrate the Dutch and surrounding EU markets. We are extremely graceful the Netherlands government and their embassy in Macedonia for this opportunity and their continuing support over the years.

InterWorks Strives to Keep the Environment Clean

Keeping your environment clean is one of the most important things, although many companies sometimes tend to forget this. InterWorks supports all activities related to maintaining your surroundings clean. That is why we organized a “Cleaning action” around the company. Most of our employees participated and we managed to gather all of the garbage around […]