Andrijana Dimitrievska, Author at InterWorks

Importance of E-commerce Support and Maintenance

In our previous posts, we have already discussed the growing value of e-commerce during COVID-19. And it will not stop, but it will only increase more and more, requiring changes and new features. So, we can say that e-commerce is a dynamic industry. Everything starting from customer needs and requirements to the way the products […]

5 Gold Competencies in Microsoft Partner Network

This year, InterWorks has been awarded Gold Competency for Application Development by Microsoft. Being part of Microsoft Partner Network, and gaining gold competencies in different areas is proof of having expertise in delivering quality solutions in one or more specialized areas. Since 2013 when we became part of Microsoft Partner Network, we dedicated ourselves to […]

Adopting Microservices Architecture to Ensure Business Resilience

Are you experiencing increased customer churn? Does your business development team struggle with driving new opportunities? How much time does your IT team spend on adding new functionalities and improving your company’s IT infrastructure? Do you find it difficult the migration from legacy systems to new systems business support, and operations support systems (BSS/OSS)? What […]

Why You Should Start Your Enterprise Automation Now?

As disruptive technologies continue to gain momentum and our world is beset by unforeseen events such as the current pandemic, more than ever modern enterprises are under intense pressure to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. Enterprises who have already started this value-add transformational process are on the fast track to improving and adding new value […]

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