Andrijana Dimitrievska, Author at InterWorks

Aleksandra – A Senior Technical Consultant

Aleksandra has been at InterWorks for almost five years. She joined InterWorks’ family because she saw that InterWorks isn’t a steady place, but a dynamic one with a desire to pay attention to its employees’ personal and professional development and to cultivate their skills. Read more about Aleksandra’s story.

Sports and Healthy Life Supporters

We are fanatics about sports and healthy lifestyle, we encourage all sports activities which are taking place not just in our hometown, but also in the nearby towns. And as we already mentioned, during August we decided to support the football club Pelister, and the Memorial wrestling tournament which took place on 11th August in […]

How Can Blockchain Help HR in Businesses?

Introduction   One of the most significant expense for every business is the hiring of new people. Depending on the industry, sometimes the HR expenses (salary and employee benefits costs) can go up to 80% and even more. The functions of HR and Payroll exist to do exactly that – manage all processes which are […]

Katerina – A Successful Cloud Practice Lead

Katerina has been at InterWorks since 2010. She entered InterWorks as she recognized the company as a place which feels like second home, a place which has the same values, vision and culture as she has. During these 8 years, Katerina has has a lot of challenges which shaped her and helped her develop to […]

Macedonia 2025 Visited InterWorks

Macedonia 2025 is an international non-profit organization founded in 2007 with a goal to contribute to the economic and democratic development of Macedonia. Their main strategic objectives are focused in 5 major areas, or To accelerate the economic development in Macedonia; To influence the education programs by implementing new programs that will accelerate leadership developments […]

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