Dimitar Hristovski, Author at InterWorks

Our best practices for end-to-end test automation with Rapise

Rapise is the next generation software test automation platform that leverages the power of open, extensible architecture to provide the most rapid and flexible functional testing tool on the market today. Rapise is ideal for functional GUI testing – both client-server and standalone applications, cross-browser web testing and data-driven testing. Rapise is the ideal testing […]

Using Inflectra SpiraTest with Atlassian JIRA

Introduction This article describes how to integrate SpiraTest with JIRA, enabling end-to-end solution for the management of the testing lifecycle. This integration is ideal for situations when SpiraTest is used as test management system, while development and bug tracking is accomplished by JIRA. SpiraTest is a complete quality assurance and test management platform that comes with […]

Headless testing with Chrome and Selenium using Ruby

Introduction   What is a Headless testing? The term itself refers to executing automated web tests without “opening” a browser UI, or loading any visual elements from web pages. Headless testing can be executed on so-called headless browsers, which are browsers without graphical user interface. A headless browser is a browsers that doesn’t “show” any […]