Dragana Todorchevska, Author at InterWorks

UiPath: Extracting Specific Data from One or More PDFs with OCR and Regex

Introduction In the last few decades, we are witnesses of the rapid technological progress. The technological change involves invention of new technologies, continual improvement of the existing ones and the diffusion of technologies throughout the industry or society. In every organization, there are operational areas whose daily job is to execute countless, time-consuming business processes […]

Parallel tests execution with Blue Ocean Pipeline

This article describes how to create Jenkins pipeline using Blue Ocean for parallel test execution of API tests implemented with JMeter and UI tests implemented with Selenium Web Driver. Introduction The Blue Ocean UI aims to improve clarity, reduce clutter and navigational depth to make the user experience very concise. It can be installed side-by-side […]

Automated Parallel Testing of Mobile Applications on Kobiton using Appium, Java and TestNG

This article describes the process of executing two or more tests in parallel on Kobiton test cloud service, using Appium, Java and TestNG.   Introduction   What is Kobiton? Kobiton is a mobile testing platform that accelerates delivery and testing of mobile apps by offering manual and automated testing on real devices in cloud. It […]