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AWS re:Invent recap

  The re:Invent, largest annual AWS conference, located in stunning Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Too good to be true. With 45.000 registered attendees, around 5.000 AWS employees, more than 1.000 sessions, boot camps, chalk-talks and hands-on labs, certifications opportunities and many gifts, just imagine the scale of the event. Grandiose hotels like Aria, MGM, Venetian […]

InterWorks is organizing the biggest Outsourcing event in Macedonia ever in partnership with FICT

We are proud to state, that together with FICT we are organizing the biggest event in Macedonia related to the philosophy of Outsourcing. The Outsourcing event is part of the International conference on Applied Internet and Information Technologies and will take place on 4th of June in Bitola, Macedonia. The conference itself begins on the 3d of June when […]

Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

The first question you will hear from your trainer on a Marketing Workshop is: “What is your USP?”. While trying to figure out what that acronym means, comes the second and the next question: “What makes you Unique? Why do you think you are different?” Ok, it’s an easy question. “Well, we are flexible, we […]

Good Outsourcing

On a cold Monday morning, back in 2004, in a small garage, a group of enthusiastic programmers, set together and started writing the history of InterWorks . It was not in a garage actually; it was on a ground floor, just a little bit larger than an average garage, although it definitely didn’t have the […]