Renata Pavlovska, Author at InterWorks

Easter in Time of Corona

Holidays are all about traditions and families. They are the perfect time for creating loving memories with families and loved ones. As Orthodox Easter is just a few days away we all started preparing things according to traditions. One of the oldest traditions is painting eggs. For Christians, the Easter egg is symbolic of the […]

Thank you, Corona!

Our lives have changed significantly in the past weeks and it has a great effect on all of us. I read somewhere that planet Earth is under construction and this might be a convenient time to construct ourselves as well. By construct I mean construct our character, our thoughts, our goals, our dreams…  Yes, let’s […]

IW ColorMe

Children might be just 20% of our population but they are for sure 100% our future. In that manner, we always tend to think about children first. In this specific period when children are at home and most of them practice home-schooling we decided to create an application that will color their days and cheer […]

Cooking while Coding

We are in a period when we spend most of our days in the comfort of our homes or balconies ?. But working from home and spending all that much time in the same place is challenging and life-changing. That is why we need to make it as interesting and as fun as possible. So […]

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