Ivan Trpkov, Author at InterWorks

An insight into Blockchain technology and implementations

  Blockchain, the underlying technology of BitCoin, which is becoming disruptive and revolutionizing technology across the industries is a hot topic for a reason. It represents a distributed, electronic ledger, an ever-increasing list of encrypted transactions called “blocks”, linked in chronological order to form a chain and contains a true and verifiable record of transactions […]

Enterprise Application Integration with MuleSoft Platform

Mule ESB is an integration platform that allows to quickly create elegant, lightweight integration architectures tailored to specific use scenario. It is an agile ESB platform that comes with a lot of community provided connectors. In addition, custom components can be easily developed using Java. Combined with the Anypoint platform and its API management features, […]

Master Data Management – Selected Use Case

In my previous article we discussed Master Data Management in general. We explained what Master data is, discussed enterprise data types, master data problems, master data management and its benefits. This article will cover a selected use case that depicts the Master Data problems in an enterprise, the solution our team implemented and the benefits […]

Master Data Management

General overview What many companies and organizations are struggling with is the need for accurate and consistent information.  For example, Telecom companies would like to have precise and synchronized product, customer and service information to dynamically bundle and provide services. In addition, companies should also take care about reporting, regulatory compliance, building service oriented architecture […]