Karolina Bogojovska, Author at InterWorks

Overview of Mule 4.3 New DW Functions

The 4.3 version of the Mule runtime engine provided some enhancements and changes in the API Gateway, the Core components (the Until Successful component and the Batch Aggregator are improved) and the DataWeave (DataWeave support for literal types was added, an easy way to operate with periods was provided, the option for defining output MIME […]

Configuring 2-way TLS

TLS is a cryptographic protocol that provides secure communication. The 2-way TLS ensures that both parties involved in the communication are identifying each other before a connection is made (regardless if the communication is user-to-user, user-to-machine or machine-to-machine). In order to demonstrate the two-way TLS authentication between the applications, we are going to make the […]

SnapLogic running processes support and process customization upon demand

Introduction   SnapLogic offers very thorough dashboard that is extensively used by production support specialists.     This dashboard displays running pipelines and the pipelines that completed, run history, run status, time, duration and so many other details. The display is nearly in real time; it refreshes every 10 seconds. Based on these details, support […]