Katerina Packova, Author at InterWorks

How to Build a Customer Contact Center in the Cloud Fast and Easy?

Contact centers, in many cases, are the first point of contact for many organizations. Customer service organization aims to deliver an exceptional level of services to all customers supporting them 24/7. At the low end, call centers simply route incoming calls to any available agent. More sophisticated systems support more sophisticated routing and interaction, including the […]

CloudWatch Insights

When AWS announced CloudWatch Insights, I had a great expectations to solve grand portion of the problems I have when using CloudWatch logs – and I use them a lot. First, just based on the service name, I expected that search inside the logs will be more user friendly and quicker. So, if you are […]

Design Loosely Coupled, Scalable architecture with Amazon SQS and Amazon SNS

Building powerful mechanism for decoupling application components should be part of design considerations for any architecture in the cloud. AWS messaging services SQS and SNS can be applied at architectural level to build loosely coupled systems that facilitate multiple business use cases. A fundamental thing for the project success is understanding the importance of making […]

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