Lazar Kochovski, Author at InterWorks

Amazon Kinesis Analytics Introduction

The rise of streaming data   A stream can be defined as a sequence of data, continuously generated by different sources. Streams have potentially unlimited data unlike any other collection of finite data used in the traditional batch processing. Now, where can examples of stream data in the real life be found, and how can […]

TIBCO StreamBase

In recent years the Complex Event Processing (CEP) applications market has been moving more and more toward Event Stream Processing (ESP). ESP is focused on processing continuous streams of events (like a stock market feed or IoT sensors data). Working more like a database turned upside down where queries are stored and stream data is […]


General Overview A Business Process Management (BPM) enterprise solution is the “must have” application for business in the new century. In the end, a well implemented BPM is a key driver for profitability in any company. The objective of this white paper is first to provide a general overview of what BPM is and what […]