Marjan Sterjev, Author at InterWorks

Jira Query Sub-Filter Plugin

This post was originally posted on LinkedIn. Atlassian Jira is an incredible tool for task tracking and structural activity monitoring. Many business processes, software development, inventory, and asset tracking activities can be effectively implemented using Jira. Everything in Jira is an Issue which is a basic building block. Jira supports Basic and Advanced Search of these issues. Behind the scene, the search for issues is realized against Lucene index which […]

Apache Velocity Server-Side Template Injection

Apache Velocity is a well-known templating engine used in Java Enterprise applications. It is used as a web page rendering engine, e-mail message composition etc. Many commercial products rely on Velocity as one of the fastest content generators that is producing content, based on predefined templates and dynamically supplied parameters. A couple of days ago, a […]

CEP: Detecting Missing Events

The real-time stream processing analytics is of a paramount significance for today’s agile business. There are many solutions out there like: Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics is available for a couple of years.  Kafka’s KSQL has been released recently. Both products support SQL like continuous queries for data filtering, transformation, aggregations, windowing etc. However, it seems, up to my knowledge, one use case is […]

Jira User Directory Custom Attributes Integration

Jira supports integration with external LDAP User Directories. This is a powerful feature that allows authentication and authorization of users registered into existing (corporate) directories. One of the LDAP templates supported out of the box is Microsoft Active Directory. LDAP User Directory integration is particularly useful in the case of Jira Service Desk where users shall be able to access […]

MuleSoft ESB Drools Continuous Integration

Business Rules   Business Rules has been powerful concept for decades. Do you remember Prolog? What about Drools? Business Rules engines allow us to write IF-THEN-ELSE conditions in a declarative way as opposite to the procedural way which is a common way of writing computer programs. With Business Rules you can focus on the logic […]

InterWorks Private Ethereum Blockchain as Smart Contract Repository

  Blockchain is inevitable buzzword today. Here at InterWorks we believe in the potential of this technology. Yes, there are shortcomings and obstacles at the moment like scalability and security, but we believe that the concepts will converge into stable implementations that will support ubiquitous solutions like micro payments in IoT  or peer-to-peer electrical energy […]