Sara Dimeska, Author at InterWorks

Gathering Leads Automatically from Webpage to Salesforce

Attracting prospects is a crucial part of the sales and marketing teams in a company. As such, having a website that will be attractive enough for your potential customers is yet another crucial part. When thinking about customers, the customer journey starts when the customer visits the website. The important thing here worth mentioning is […]

Adapting to business changing needs by using a platform like Salesforce

We are faced with an unpredictable and surprising situation affecting everyone – families, businesses, communities. Our way of life has completely changed in a moment, and COVID-19 doesn’t really care about people’s lives – workers might lose their jobs, families caught up with crisis to survive the situation, health organizations capability to handle the situation, […]

Salesforce Lightning App Builder

Build custom pages for Lightning Experience quickly with point-and-click tools with Salesforce Lightning App Builder. Nowadays we are facing various requirements from our clients. They are busy executing activities every day, so as simpler as the overview of the activities is, as better the results are. Our clients are very busy, they’re closing deals and […]