Stefan Mandovski, Author at InterWorks

Implementing Page Object Model with Robot Framework for Web Tests Automation

Robot is a mature test automation framework based on a keyword-driven paradigm that provides one interface for developing automated tests for different systems under tests – web, mobile, APIs, Databases, etc. This article describes an approach for testing web applications that follows the PageObject approach, enabling easy maintenance of automated tests implemented using Robot framework. […]

Service Virtualization with Parasoft Virtualize CE

Agile software development and DevOps are gaining more popularity day by day and the demand for tools to deliver service virtualization is growing rapidly as well. As a result, service virtualization is becoming an important concept in software development and QA/testing. In this article we will talk about service virtualization and a tool that enables […]

How to integrate and use Rapise with Jenkins?

This article describes how Rapise can be integrated with Jenkins and how test reports can be customized in order to get more meaningful reports of automated test executions. Before we start with the description, let’s give you a notion of what Rapise is and some of the features that it comprises.   Introduction   Rapise […]