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Ghost Inspector – Cloud-Based solution for Web Automated Testing (Part II)

Short Description This article is a continuation of my previous one about Ghost Inspector. Here are described available reporting options, as well as, integration of Ghost Inspector with Jenkins for achieving Continues Delivery and Continuous Testing paradigm. Ghost Inspector Plugin for Jenkins Ghost Inspector offers you opportunity to run your Test Suits ...
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Amazon Cognito and API Gateway AWS IAM Authorization

It is very handy to have something out of the box when you want to add authentication and authorization for your web or mobile apps. Instead of building time consuming solutions or try to authenticate against custom providers where you still need to handle user management, authentication, and sync across ...
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Cognito User Pool – Sign in, Register and Sign Up user process

AWS Cognito User pools are for mobile and web app developers who want to handle user registration and sign-in directly in their apps. User Pool allows you to create and maintain a user directory, add sign-up and sign-in to your mobile app or web application and scale to hundreds of ...
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Mouseflow: Do you know your users?

As a client, it is vital to see what is happening when potential customer interacts with the website. That is just a way to glean insights on what is working and what is not on the site. Effective example of this is screen recording software, which records sessions, as soon ...
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Ghost Inspector – Cloud-Based solution for Web Automated Testing (Part I)

Short Description: Ghost Inspector is cloud-Based UI testing and monitoring service. It allows you to build or record a browser test to check specific functionality in your web site and alerts you if anything breaks. Ghost Inspector can notify you with details when your test fails. You can record a ...
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AWS Data Migration Service – Replication Aspect

AWS Data Migration Service (DMS) reduces migration time and migrates databases to and from AWS easily and securely. This AWS service supports homogeneous migrations such as MS SQL to MSSQL, heterogeneous migrations among different database platforms, such as Oracle to PostgreSQL or MySQL to Oracle or migration to different versions ...
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