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Master Data Management – Selected Use Case

January, 2017 In my previous article we discussed Master Data Management in general. We explained what Master data is, discussed enterprise data types, master data problems, master data management and its benefits.   This article will cover a selected use case that depicts the Master Data problems in an enterprise, the ...
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Testing Web Applications with Selenium POM using C# and NUnit

January, 2017 When speaking of UI Automation, usually Selenium comes at first place. But why is this framework so popular? Selenium does browser automation by telling the browser to click some element, populate and submit a form, navigate to a page or do any other form of user interaction. Basically, ...
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Why SCRUM simply works?

January, 2017 Introduction In today’s competitive and dynamic business environment, software development is increasingly driven by the focused needs of customers and businesses, both of whom require rapid response to their requirements. Feedback must be immediately incorporated into products and engineering teams must be able to deliver the exact product ...
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Data extraction and processing patterns in SnapLogic

January, 2017 What is SnapLogic? SnapLogic is unified iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) that provides a number of connectors to variety of data sources, applications and APIs, by delivering maximum performance and productivity. As SnapLogic’s partner, InterWorks has successfully completed many integration projects in the data warehousing field and API processing. What ...
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AWS API Gateway Lambda Function Invocation Permissions – Nuts and Bolts

December, 2016 Introduction AWS API Gateway supports Lambda function invocations over HTTPS. The Lambda functions can be used as functional backend or as request custom authorizers. When you create a simple microservice using AWS API Gateway and Lambda functions, you need to grant permissions to the API Gateway that will ...
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Modern Web with Angular 2

Angular 2 is a modern MVC (Model-View-Controller) based JavaScript Framework for single page web applications and native mobile applications development, developed by Google. It is written in TypeScript – a strict superset of JavaScript which makes the documentation more comprehensible. TypeScript as a language transcompiles to core JavaScript and introduces ...
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