Career @ InterWorks

Steps to join InterWorks


1.Get to know us

We are an IT outsourcing company operating from our administrative office in Bitola, Macedonia. Our vision is to create a cohesive Family Oriented Culture where openness and communication are paramount, and Everyone Shares their opinions and Challenges Others to Build an Outstanding Knowledge and Wealth.

We realize that we can’t manage to achieve that without our brilliant people and you are two steps away from being one of them!

Are you interested to help us invent, develop, build, market and support our next amazing idea? Are you interested in working flexible hours? Do you want to work in a company where 35% are women? Would you consider working in a company that takes care of your fitness and healthy lifestyle?

If you answered all of the above questions affirmatively please proceed to step 2.

2. Present yourself

Share your past experience, knowledge and skills by sending us your CV and cover letter.

3. We’ll get in touch

Once we review your application we will contact you to schedule an interview where we can get to know you better.