Complex Media Processing testing support


One of the world’s largest humanitarian organizations seeks a professional service provider including testing services for support of their complex system for capture, processing, storing and sharing media files which are received from the client’s centers and offices across nearly 100 countries across the globe. The challenge in the requested test support came from two perspectives: complexity of the business process itself and on the other side, the diversity in technologies (Windows, Android, Vordel, TIBCO, MediaRich, SharePoint, etc) integrated in the system under test.


By following its Supplier Integrated Testing Model and the client needs, InterWorks  provided functional and performance end-to-end testing, as well as, testing of each of the components, which are incorporated in the system under test, including test automation. In addition, as a part of the established test process, our team was performing: proactive monitoring of applications, triage, troubleshooting, and coordination with other teams for issue resolving, followed by Root Cause Analysis. Our test analysts participated in architecture design to provide input and feedback of proposed changes’ impact on production support. In order to improve the overall testing process, our team members also participated in organizing release management process and test levels coordination, in combination with documentation management.


  • Reactive issue resolution
  • Coordination of other teams to schedule and complete defect repair
  • Managing a backlog of defect repair and enhancement requests
  • Automated regression test suites for efficient regression testing
  • Minimizing production issues
  • Established release management process
  • Test environment coordination
  • Enhancement of the IT system and processes



ServiceNow; soapUI; Generic Audit Logger;Transaction Monitor, Attlassian JIRA

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