Integration of client’s billing system with external APIs


A large telecom operator in USA had a need for holistic and robust understanding of offline system outcomes as well as the call center outcomes tied to digital marketing efforts from third party systems. In addition, the client needed to have a single unified view of all aspects such as digital spend, consumer interactions, leads and sales outcomes from both online and offline conversion from all digital marketing efforts…all in one place. On top, there was a need to increase client’s digital marketing conversion and sales outcomes through the use of customized Landing pages which will deliver increased relevance in messaging and provide higher level of creativity for target segments.


With common efforts and intensive on-site/off-shore cooperation, Interworks’ team and the client, applied the most effective approach to satisfy the above mentioned need. An integrated solution was designed and implemented between the existing client’s billing system and new external vendor API for digital marketing. The solution required file level integration or more specifically and in a lower level: sending daily work order information from billing systems to the vendor on nightly basis. This allows them to correlate work orders with marketing leads and determine which leads led to activations/upgrades.


  • Integration of multiple heterogeneous source systems and applications
  • Increased accuracy in data analytics
  • Improved scalability and performance
  • Reduced complexity and increased business agility
  • Provided visibility into the status of an order at any point in time.


SnapLogic, Microsoft .NET WCF, MS SQL Server, RESTful and SOAP Web services (external vendor APIs, client billing systems and applications).

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