Interworks’ Video Platform


Nowadays, more and more, the main media for business communication is video, due to availability of mobile devices, Internet, and the abundance of content as compared to the text content. Video is everywhere: healthcare for telemedicine, insurance companies for damage assessment, sales and marketing communications, education, etc. As video emerges as the primary business medium, the companies need a platform that can capture, archive, annotate, search, and deliver video anywhere, anytime to any device.


InterWorks ’ Video Platform is a powerful collaborative solution for video content management and collaboration, and it emerged in direct response to the needs of the modern dynamic business and the modern lifestyle. The wide range of features available whether from mobile devices and/or standard web interface includes:

  • Real-time video annotations
  • Voice, video and text annotations enabling collaboration among users
  • Record and watch video material
  • Preview recorded videos; Preview annotations within videos
  • Easy search, filter and access to videos based on annotations
  • Reusable “Favorites” annotations
  • Jump to specific annotation
  • Share video(s) by e-mail, instant messenger or Bluetooth
  • Export video(s) along with annotations to central location; Import video(s) from a server or a camera roll
  • User management that allows for specific user and group permissions
  • Video records aggregated per project and video set
  • Video annotations organized in themes(tracks)
  • Keyword management: administrators can add, delete and update keywords for annotation or upload sets of
  • Video search using keywords, geographic position, time range, projects, video sets, custom attributes and many other combinations


  • Centralized collaboration environment for video content
  • Built for mobile – stay connected while on the field; Increased mobile worker efficiency
  • Use of video materials for capturing events over static pictures and text
  • Easy lookup of video content based on structured data and commentary
  • Video categorization and tagging, Ability to annotate specific positions within the video
  • Enabler for increasing employee engagement and business productivity
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Mobile, Android, Java, MP4Parser, Apache HttpComponents, Google Gson, SqlLite, iOS, iPhone, Objective-C; AFNetworking 2, AVFoundation, CoreLocation, CoreData, Web, Java, Hibernate, Hazalcast, Spring, JMS, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ffmpeg for Video Encoding, jQuery, OpenLayers, Bootstrap 3, Flash, EaselJS, HTML5, Handlebars, Velocity

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