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Case Studies

Case Studies > Business Support > Industry > Retail

Improving Employees’ Productivity by Leveraging ServiceNow Incident Management

Case Studies > Business Support > Industry > Retail

Improving Incident Traceability by Automating the Process of Incident Status Change – ServiceNow

Case Studies > MuleSoft > Industry > Metallurgy

Optimizing Steel Selling Process – from Steel Ordering to Truck Loading

Case Studies > MuleSoft > Industry > Banking

Enhancing Customer Retention and Customer Acquisition by Using MuleSoft’s Anypoint

Case Studies > Microsoft > Industry > Insurance

Automating the Process of Sending Inquiries in Private Health Insurance

Case Studies > Microsoft > Industry > Event Marketing

Analysis, Gaining Insights & Recommendations of a Team Building Event

Case Studies > PHP > Industry > Retail

Establishing a Secure E-Commerce Shop in Three Weeks’ Time

Case Studies > PHP > Industry > Energetics

Improving the Power Supply Process by Automating the Auction Process

Case Studies > SnapLogic > Industry > Telecommunication

Connecting Apps and Data to Improve Customer Acquisition