Social Recruiting Platform


Social networks and crowd sourced user collaboration portals are inevitable aspects of the modern human life. However, the content published as well as the statements related to the user personality, skills and interests are usually unverified on these portals and social networks, and in most cases users give away their information to the Social Networks for free.


InterWorks designed and implemented a complex collaboration system where users can publish content and express their knowledge and understanding about the world in a written and/or video format. The system created is a sophisticated recruiting platform, which allows users to interact and evaluate each other, using public and transparent techniques, and they get paid for the their contributions. The system is constantly verifying the proofs submitted through complex rules and AI algorithms that produce measurable knowledge scores for each user interacting with the system. Lastly, the system offers functionality to find the users with highest scores and knowledge in a particular area as well as verifiable comparison among the matches. Once the users find each other based on the interests in particular area or topic, the system provides several types of communication and message exchange channels among them. The list of core features includes:

  • Content publishing and metadata tagging
  • Content verification
  • Content exploration
  • Content distribution
  • User information (profile, skills and interests) collection
  • User knowledge verification
  • User qualified knowledge and behavioral scoring
  • Qualified and quantified exploration and comparison of the users
  • Content recommendations based on collaborative filtering
  • Several types of communication channels


The system provides sophisticated and powerful features to its participants: finding, in a very short time, a list of users scored according to their knowledge or competency in a particular area. Finding the appropriate trusted information in a short time reduces the costs of operations in many areas of the modern, extremely dynamic human life.

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Spring, JPA, JMS, jQuery, Handlebars, Hibernate

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