InterWorks Becomes an Official SnapLogic Partner

    November, 2015 We are proud to state that starting November 2015, InterWorks has officially become SnapLogic’s partner. A company that is considered to be a Cloud integrations leader, transforming the way companies connect business applications on-premise and in the cloud. Snaplogic’s hybrid cloud architecture is powered by 300+ Snaps, which are pre-built integration components that


    InterWorks starts using modern HR tracking system called FYnderFY

      August, 2015 In order to improve HR processes and facilitate employment in general, we are proud to say that InterWorks starts to use modern HR tracking system called FYnderFY. A sophisticated recruiting platform we built, which allows users to interact and evaluate each other, using public and transparent techniques. We think that this is a


      Our USP

        March, 2015 The first question you will hear from your trainer on a Marketing Workshop is: “What is your USP?”. While trying to figure out what that acronym means, comes the second and the next question: “What makes you Unique? Why do you think you are different?” Ok, it’s an easy question. “Well, we are