Amazon RDS for SQL Server – Encrypted Backup/Restore

    September, 2016 Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) supports native backup and restore for Microsoft SQL Server databases using full backup files (.bak files). You can import and export SQL Server databases in a single, easily portable file. After you create a full backup of your on-premises database, upload it on Amazon Simple Storage Service


    InterWorks Becomes Official Atlassian Expert Partner

      June, 2016 We are proud to state that starting June 2016, InterWorks has officially become Atlassian’s Expert partner. InterWorks joined the Atlassian Expert Program, and we are now officially authorized to advertise, market and resell Atlassian software and services to end users. Around the world, over 50,000 companies rely on Atlassian to improve software development,


      InterWorks Becomes an Official SnapLogic Partner

        November, 2015 We are proud to state that starting November 2015, InterWorks has officially become SnapLogic’s partner. A company that is considered to be a Cloud integrations leader, transforming the way companies connect business applications on-premise and in the cloud. Snaplogic’s hybrid cloud architecture is powered by 300+ Snaps, which are pre-built integration components that