Mouseflow: Do you know your users?

    As a client, it is vital to see what is happening when potential customer interacts with the website. That is just a way to glean insights on what is working and what is not on the site. Effective example of this is screen recording software, which records sessions, as soon as some user starts interaction


    AWS Data Migration Service – Replication Aspect

      AWS Data Migration Service (DMS) reduces migration time and migrates databases to and from AWS easily and securely. This AWS service supports homogeneous migrations such as MS SQL to MSSQL, heterogeneous migrations among different database platforms, such as Oracle to PostgreSQL or MySQL to Oracle or migration to different versions (upgrade or downgrade) from the


      Why Jira is #1 Software Development Tool for Agile Teams?

        September, 2017 Introduction   In today’s competitive and dynamic business environment, the time available to produce new software, develop new products or to release new updates of existing solutions is reducing rapidly. This has resulted in IT services or product development companies to be more responsive to change and thereby assisting business entities to be