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Enable the Merging of Two Telecommunication Companies

Industry: Telecommunication
Duration: Ongoing
Members: 5
Tools: MuleSoft
Year: 2019

Overview & Problem

Two large companies, offering internet, television, telephone and mobile services, merged their businesses. The merging required creating new reusable APIs that will be used from both brands.
The client had to deal with the challenge of serving the existing and new customers, thus ensuring:
• Giving an outstanding customer service
• Giving an overview of customer data
• Managing customer data
• Supporting administrative processes (like invoicing or payment arrangements)
• Up/down – selling within the proposition
• Enabling the customer to control product settings (like email addresses, IP addresses, Forwarding call settings).
These business services are supported via two Business channels: self-service and contact center.


The solution that we created for this project used micro-services pattern developed by MuleSoft, known as API Led Connectivity or The Application Network. Our solution used three-layer architecture in Mulesoft technology.

Benefits & Results

Efficiency and productivity increase

Lower costs

  • Standardization – efficiency and productivity were increased for 30%.
  • Minimal effort is needed to integrate applications.
  • Reusability – the applications were created much faster which in turn lowered the cost for 20%.
  • Application rationalization – aligning business goals with IT which led to improvements in business operations by deciding which applications should be kept as they are, and which ones should be replaced, removed or integrated.
  • Reduced complexity of the system and enhanced maintenance.

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