ERP Platform Integration with SnapLogic - InterWorks

ERP Platform Integration with SnapLogic

Industry: Transport
Duration: 12 months
Members: 3
Year: 2018

Overview & Problem

Every CEO of a transport company is aware of the need for seamless in-house operating which will further lead to satisfied customers. One of our European clients – a transport provider – which operates with over 20 000 buses across 14 European countries and provides daily services for millions of people had a problem of finding a trusted and shared way to manage financial information and minimize the need to produce lots of manual reports.


InterWorks’ team implemented a modern and flexible integration solution using SnapLogic iPaaS platform, which supported the client’s integration needs and provided a trusted and efficient way to view and manage information about finances, people, suppliers, fleet and consumables across the enterprise.

Benefits & Results

Reduction in deployment and maintenance costs

Reduced effort for connection with SaaS-based applications

  • The reduction of integration complexity by introducing unified, scalable and easy to maintain integration solution led to 30% reduction in deployment and maintenance costs.
  • The new integration solutions provided a 360-degree view of company’s entities and assets that led to significantly increased asset utilization.
  • The effort to connect and communicate with industry-leading on-premise and SaaS-based applications (such as SAP and Workday) was reduced by 40%.
  • A complete view of vendors, materials, and contracts across the company, which significantly improved the management decision making process.

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