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Tech Meet Up – Be Green Ohrid!

We invite you aboard our TechUp meeting where we guarantee an extraordinary flight. Quick and smooth onboarding will be supported by SnapLogic’s Cloud Integration Platform as a Service, where you’ll be shown how to connect your data, apps and APIs faster. After you’ll fasten your seat belt, you’ll be hosted ...
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Tech Meet Up 2018 – Be Green!

Clean air is vital for normal physical and cognitive development. But in an era of high air pollution, clean air comes as a gift, especially in our hometown Bitola. Alongside clean nature and environment, we have the technology which if applied appropriately will contribute in fighting against this issue. We ...
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Tech Meet Up 2016

We are proud to say that InterWorks as an IT leader in the region of Bitola is organizing а workshop called Tech Meet Up second year in a row.  The workshop will take place on 20.12.2016 (Tuesday) in Hotel Epinal- Banquet Hall, Bitola. The purpose of the workshop is to ...
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International Conference on Applied Internet and Information Technologies

How we perform processes, conduct business, interact or learn is not how it used to be. Mass disruption changed many industries and created room for more effective and efficient businesses through Outsourcing. Yes, services can be performed with lower prices and higher quality, be more useful, create a higher impact ...
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