Data Integration

  • Easy ingest, prepare and deliver data
  • Process and store massive volumes and varieties of data
  • Mostly ETL type of processes
  • Feeding, reading and analyzing large amounts of structured, complex or social data
  • Pipeline reusability just with target data platform change
  • Communication between a variety of data engines
  • Focused on data streams between applications differentiated by its flexibility to connect to both cloud and on-premise systems

Application Integration

  • Rapidly integrate SaaS applications to other applications or to on-premises systems
  • Custom application integration
  • Automation of end to end communication
  • Applying most comprehensive connectivity capabilities of the platform based on the client needs

API Integration

  • Exposing apps as RESTfull services
  • Automation of end to end communication
  • Real time communication between different APIs
  • Rest or Bulk API
  • SDK for customers and partners to be able to create their own Snaps
  • Addressing custom endpoints


SnapLogic elastic cloud integration platform


Telecommunication, Education, IT…
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