Service Description

In today’s fast-paced, digital world the need for high quality software products, brought to market quicker than before increases day by day. InterWorks’ QA services guarantee the user satisfaction of your software solutions, delivered on-time, thus maximizing your ROI from testing.

InterWorks’ Solutions/Offerings

Test Automation

  • Expertise in leading commercial and open source test automation tools
  • Out-of-the box test automation frameworks
  • Automated testing on different architecture levels, including front-end, middleware or database level
  • Automated test results reporting enables implementation of continuous test paradigm

SOA and Integration Testing

  • Vast testing experience in more than 40 projects
  • Adaptive and iterative execution methodology utilizing automation tools
  • Experience in SOA and Integration testing with commercial and open-source tools
  • Established test design techniques provide:
    • Component and Integration testing
    • Verification and validation of Business scenarios

Performance Testing

  • Our expertise in performance testing reduces the production risk and user discontent resulting from non-functional quality issues
  • Design and creation of test suites using realistic scenarios to assess application performance
  • Providing confidence in the system’s ability to handle anticipated loads utilizing load test simulators
  • Our performance testing expertise includes:
    • Performance testing
    • Load testing
    • Stress testing
    • Capacity testing

Mobile Automated Testing

  • Out-of-the box framework based on Appium and Java for testing Android and iOS apps
  • Framework can be integrated with Jenkins for automated test run and reporting
  • Framework ensures executing same tests on:
    • AWS Device Farm
    • Other Public Test Clouds (Kobiton, Sauce Labs, AppCenter)
    • Local Device Farm

Agile Testing

  • Established Agile Testing Pattern (ATP)
  • ATP was proven in multiple projects based on SCRUM methodology
  • Utilizing exploratory and automated testing, ATP ensures:
    • Verification and Client acceptance of each user story
    • Continuous delivery without regression defects

Transparency and Reporting

  • Complete and objective visibility of testing processes and results
  • Established reporting patterns and templates adaptive to the project and Client needs
  • Our testing dashboard provides high-visibility through different stages of the testing life-cycle:
    • Test Planning Reports
    • Test Analysis & Design Reports
    • Test Execution Reports
    • Test Closure Reports