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New technologies have sparked a golden age of innovation, which forced the already established enterprises to discard legacy constraints to keep up the pace.

How to gain momentum in this disruption game? There is only one solution – move to the cloud faster.  To do that you’ll need smart strategy and implementation with clear vision of your business goals. Let us help you lift-and-shift all of it and tailor the solution to your exact needs.

Having a partner with full-stack perspective that will offer a cloud-smart strategy can help you avoid pitfalls.  Having a strong experience in cloud, and beyond, from applications to networks and security, InterWorks cloud team can help you in this. Leave us all key platform decisions, configuration options and technology implications.


30+ successful cloud, application architecture and DevOps automation projects completed

50+ AWS servers deployed

500+ on-premises workloads migrated to the cloud


We’re passionate advisors who will work alongside you to build a tailored service management road-map to continually improve the business growth, enable innovation, reduce costs and streamline operations.

The journey starts with a purposeful step – let’s do it together.



How We Do It



Moving data and processing it in cloud, release clients of managing in-house servers and grab scalability and availability of cloud services.


Our custom chat bots help clients to have quick and responsive communication with clients on their FB and custom pages.

How We Can Empower You

Enterprise Service Management and Software Deployment

Keep your adjustment speed through automation, cloud productivity and efficient software management well defined and implemented by our Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) procedures and best practices in continuous delivery.


Consultancy and Advising

Introduction and working sessions – business and technical insights of cloud computing and its benefits;

Cost – benefits – overview of cost and savings by utilizing the cloud instead of a traditional IT environment;

Technology roadmaps – identify the best features worth utilizing in your project.


Cloud Services and Solutions

Prototype – a custom prototype, based on your technical and business requirements;

VPC – Virtual Private Cloud completely secured and available only for you, designed and implemented by high AWS standards;

Data Migration – migrate your on-premises data in a controlled, secured and systematic manner to AWS;

Control and Monitoring Extras – analyze the problem to its roots and fix what caused it to ensure that the issue won’t reoccur;

Architecture Review – get a complete verification that you are using the right components, and get suggestions for improvements.


Cloud Computing

Infrastructure as Code – have an environment which can be spun up and down based on your needs;

Hybrid Cloud – a hybrid cloud approach which leverages on-premises services and takes advantage of cloud freedom and on-demand infrastructure;

Custom Cloud Applications – have a customized AWS native applications, along with integration of your current applications, and tailor the solution to your exact needs.



DevOps – transform your organization from a heavy legacy-based IT to an agile, automated and fast adapting organization;

Continuous Delivery – smooth deployment and integration test with AWS products like CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy or other popular alternatives such as Jenkins and Github;

Containerization – pack your application into containers, and create an environment to support it.


Our Products

  • ChatBot – the ultimate solution that can ease communication. Read more about it here.
  • CI/CD – Get familiar with our well defined process Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) by requesting demo, working session or glance at documentation.


Why AWS?


  • Solutions developed by developers for developers – AWS is always among the first to offer new and ground-breaking features.
  • Running 24/7
  • Great savings
  • Building with Bricks – the user can quickly assemble and move around the bricks
  • Support 24/7

Today do what others won’t, so tomorrow you can do what others can’t.

Katerina Packova

Katerina Packova

Cloud Practice Lead
Practice Lead Bio

Katerina is a Cloud Practice Lead in InterWorks, a development and research practice that helps clients move their business to the cloud. Before stepping into cloud practice, Katerina was working on a wide range of technologies and programming languages, building and maintaining enterprise solutions.

She has a Software engineer master degree and her field of interest is artificial intelligence and language development. Her latest focus is on voice recognition and building skill sets using Lex and Alexa.

Katerina is a speaker at many tech events, motivating people to learn something new and never hesitate to share knowledge with others. She wants to meet people, exchange ideas and experience, learn from professionals and pave the path for others to become one.

In addition to being software engineer, she loves spending time in nature, reading books, watching non-commercial movies, travelling worldwide, tasting wine and playing games with children.

Moto: Job done, let’s move on 🙂

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