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You go to work every day and every day is the same story. Get up, get dressed, get ready, take your car or bike or simply walk to work. You spend eight hours there and get ready for home. And again it is all the same, you wait for the bus/tram or whatever your work-home transport includes. This happens daily, and it gets boring. Sometimes you are just tired of doing the same, and sometimes you are given a choice.

You can choose to hit the road and go home by driving your car, or maybe walk along the sidewalk or even take the train. You have several options to choose from, then you should think about a suitable vehicle, the traffic jam, how much time you will spend going home etc. And while you are waiting and thinking about how to get home, you just think to yourself: What if I can just say Go Home and do that? There would be nothing better.

The same happens in the world of technologies. Imagine you can completely focus on business logic, deploy your code somewhere and do not care how it will run there. Today that is possible using Amazon Web Services. You can run your Node js, Java, .NET, Python code without caring about hosting environment settings and configuration. Or, choose virtual machine without setting up the host, use database without installing the server. AWS is a nice place to be.

What We Do For You

We are our clients’ partner, we spread ideas and create solutions that inspire, encourage and boost client success.

How We Do It


Our AWS ecosystem technical expertise includes: 







Moving data and processing it in cloud, release clients of managing in-house servers and grab scalability and availability of cloud services.


Our custom chat bots help clients to have quick and responsive communication with clients on their FB and custom pages.

How We Can Empower You


We can help you move from on-premise to cloud, extend your processing to the cloud or change your cloud provider to AWS. We offer combined experience in building and managing high available, scalable systems and data environments. We have extensive experience of  migrating applications, platforms, and data to AWS and building new cloud services.



Our engineers have extensive experience with advanced technologies and best practices to help you deliver consistent and predictable solution that rely on most optimized infrastructure.


Our analytical approach ensures you get the most out of AWS database solutions have to offer by choosing best applicable relational, non-relation or graph database.



We’ve designed, implemented, and managed big data solutions and data analytic services including Amazon Kinesis, Amazon RedShift, Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2.



We are helping hand of on-premise DevOps teams, by sharing our expertise from automatic deployment to continuous delivery to AWS cloud. Our product delivery pipeline design is striving for delivering continuous optimization of cost, performance, availability, efficiency, and security.

Katerina Packova

Katerina Packova

Cloud Practice Lead
Practice Lead Bio

Katerina is a Cloud Practice Lead in InterWorks, a development and research practice that helps clients move their business to the cloud. Before stepping into cloud practice, Katerina was working on a wide range of technologies and programming languages, building and maintaining enterprise solutions.

She has a Software engineer master degree and her field of interest is artificial intelligence and language development. Her latest focus is on voice recognition and building skill sets using Lex and Alexa.

Katerina is a speaker at many tech events, motivating people to learn something new and never hesitate to share knowledge with others. She wants to meet people, exchange ideas and experience, learn from professionals and pave the path for others to become one.

In addition to being software engineer, she loves spending time in nature, reading books, watching non-commercial movies, travelling worldwide, tasting wine and playing games with children.

Moto: Job done, let’s move on 🙂

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