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You are part of the management team of a huge enterprise data-driven corporation. The company is providing a wide range of services and making revenue of thousands of millions of dollars annually. You have some great benefit as part of this organization, but also a great responsibility as changes happen overnight, and as such you need to make business decisions which are smart and bring profit. Now imagine that you need to make a key decision which will influence the working of the corporation and you need to have all the historical data processed and analyzed. You are caught in the moment of: Where should I start now?

The beginning is always the hardest, but with the right tools nothing is hard. You can use data warehouse, which allows you to follow numbers and trends needed to get a real business insights and follow parameters in real time while also going backwards and operating on historical data to run specific measurements and perform analytics. That way you can identify new revenue opportunities, track KPIs, improve efficiency and use the potential.

And to make sure that each business decision you make in the future is smart, you can start managing your data and gain advantage over your competitors.

What We Do For You

In a data driven society as we live in today, data is the most valuable resource for the companies. Technology is advancing big time to keep step with the market needs and so does our Data Management practice, by offering solutions using variety of technologies and methodologies in area of Data Management, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Analytics. We want to help our clients build analytics-driven organizations and achieve better performance through data.

How We Do It

Apache Spark

Gain the real power of the big data by using super-fast and unified analytics engine for large-scale data processing.


Perform distributed, multi-tenant-capable full-text search and analytics over your data and applications.

Blockchain technologies (Ethereum, Hyperledger)

Create smart contract applications for distributed computing platform used worldwide.

MS SQL Server, Oracle (PL/SQL), MySQL, PostgreSQL

Store and organize your data in a relation database management system with maximum capabilities.

Tableau, Power BI

Help any business user see and understand their data. Connect to almost any database and create powerful visualizations.


Create predictive analytics and data visualization solutions adjusted for your specific needs.

CEP (Amazon Kinesis)

Combine data from multiple sources to infer meaningful events or patterns in your data.

Amazon Redshift

Manage big data in the cloud with peta-byte scale performance.


Eliminate the administration and management demands with a true data warehouse as a service running in the cloud.


Use the real power of distributed framework to effectively manage the processing and storage of your big data.

How We Can Empower You

Data Architecture

Allow your business to run at an optimized level by having information how data is processed, stored, and utilized in an information system.


Data Analysis, Design and Querying

Inspecting, cleansing, transforming and modeling data to discover useful information that will support the decision-making.


Data Warehousing

Providing meaningful business insight obtained by collecting and managing data from varied sources.


Business Intelligence services

Get meaningful and useful information from your raw data that will help you in gaining operational insights and making smart decisions.


ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) services

Collect and transform your data according to business rules and load it into a destination data store with optimal performance.


Big Data – Analytics and Processing

Analyze and examine your large and varied data sets, getting a valuable information about hidden patterns, unknown relations, market trends, customer preferences etc.

Master Data Management

Have all your critical business data into one single master reference source which will decrease the chances for errors and will lead to less redundancy in business processes.


Complex Event Processing

Combine your various data from multiple sources to identify meaningful events (such as opportunities or threats) and respond to them as quickly as possible.


Predictive Analytics

Get valuable information for making predictions about the future or other events by analyzing current and historical facts.


Data Visualization

Communicate every data clearly and efficiently by encoding it as visual objects contained in graphics.


Reporting Services

Develop and manage your reports efficiently and deliver them to the right users on the right way.



Use Ethereum Smart Contracts to decentralize your applications and record transactions across the network.



Bring business intelligent decisions with a help of cost effective and robust enterprise data solutions that quickly ingest, prepare, deliver and analyze big data.


Empower your users’ experience and gain better business insights using the most of your data and best global models available.


Manage high-performance solutions that transform your products and services and satisfy your customers.


Use state-of-the-art data management tools for predictive analytics based on simulation modeling.

Emanuela Srbinovska

Emanuela Srbinovska

Data Management Practice Lead
Practice Lead Bio

Emanuela is a Data Management Practice Lead and for her, working with data is the coolest thing in the world 🙂

Hence, these recent years she is working on technologies and concepts related to Data Management, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Big Data, Analytics etc. that offer limitless possibilities. Prior that she was working on application development and integration (application, data, API) projects with wide range of technologies. She also has a Bachelor and Master degrees of Computer Science and Engineering.

Emanuela joined Interworks back in 2011 because she recognized it as a productive environment offering various opportunities for building an outstanding knowledge and wealth, which is the company vision indeed. She likes the team spirit where we advance, learn and create successful stories by sharing knowledge and expertise. Emanuela strongly believes that constantly learning and improving is the only way that challenges us and moves us forward.

She enjoys being with her precious daughter Mia, travel and explore new places, spend time in nature, read and watch movies.

Her motto is: We’re the product of our thoughts; what we think – we become (Gandhi).

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