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With over 10 years of serving our clients, learning from challenges and growing stronger we always strive to stay true to our original goals: to add value to our clients and to be better every day.

We started as a team of a handful of people, and now the team is 7 times bigger than what it was.

Over the years we set a pace of always looking for new ways to innovate, asking one single question: how can we do the things more efficiently? Our thirst for learning, experience, knowledge and the constant battle to provide the best value to our clients became the answer to this question.

And we don’t stop here. Our goal is to constantly follow the best practices and latest trends of Microsoft technologies and tools and be at the forefront of all the new things that come up – currently, Azure Cloud, .NET Core, Frontend development with Angular and React among the others are in our focus.

Throughout our journey, we’ve never stopped trying to improve, and in doing so became experts in multiple industries, which is where our true specialist expertise lies. Quick at doing business analysis and understanding how the businesses work, along with our track record in delivering world-class solutions to our clients, is what will keep us relevant and competitive in a continually changing market.

What We Do For You

Our main focus is on helping our clients use their full potential and achieve their goals. We listen, we care, we build trust, we are transparent and follow up on promises. What we bring to our customer’s front door are technical expertise, greater flexibility, faster time to market and lower costs.

Become acquainted with your processes, reduce your corporate risk and make your business more agile.

How We Do It

Microsoft Azure

Build, test, deploy and manage apps and services through the global network of Microsoft-managed data centers.

Microsoft .NET Frameworks

Build and run the next generation of apps and XML web services.

Microsoft SQL Server

Store and retrieve data as requested with a relation database management system.

Visual Studio

Easy application development for any platform and language.

Microsoft SharePoint

Manage risk, organize projects, share work, discover people and information, build apps and websites.

How We Can Empower You

Cloud Solution with Microsoft Azure

We helped multiple of our clients to use simple and centralized technology platform which provides specific IT Services to a selected range of users. We believe that a true cloud computing service that Microsoft Azure offers, is one which removes the traditional barriers which exist between software applications, data and devices. In other words, it is the nirvana of computing from a user’s perspective – no need to worry about location, device, or type of connection.


Microsoft Application Development & Product Customization

Our clients can reap the benefits of having a custom business app which offers customers a way to access their services and products directly thus improving the customer relationship, increasing their customer base and generating revenue.


.NET Integration

We helped multiple of our clients to give their users a chance to take advantage of the data presented and enjoy the services provided by having a transparent, engaged framework created by our Integration solutions in Microsoft technologies.


Frontend Development

Our work in the frontend development both targets sophisticated user interface, and pleasant and fluid user experience. Our clients can have a product that pushes the boundaries, loads fast, works over different devices and is made by using the latest technologies.


Microsoft Technology Consulting

Get answers to all your questions, issues and requirements. Our customized solutions address every specific aspect of your business. Our analysts are ready to understand your processes, your goals and your vision.


Collaboration and Communication with SharePoint Development and Administration

Allow your sales, marketing, and delivery teams to work and communicate in a more effective and efficient ways by using SharePoint services which allow you to set up project team dates, customer and business partner portals, workflows and automated functions.



High-performance solutions that transform your products, engage with your customers, and at the same time empower your employees by optimizing your operations. 


Solutions for the modern store, consumers and retail workforce that will empower your business and increase your customers' number.


Have the statistics about your business at the palm of your hand with a solution custom-built for your purposes.

Human Resource Management

Improve the way you keep records of your employees' info and administer your people's vacation better.


Change your customer experience, gain business insights and manage risk better.

Public Services

Digitally transform all public sectors and make the clients happier.


Manage schools efficiently and effectively with custom designed solutions.


Get help in deploying and adopting Microsoft technologies efficiently and cost-effectively.

Gold Competencies in the Microsoft Partner Network for: Application Development, Data Platform, Data Analytics, Windows and Devices, and DevOps. Read more about it here.

Dimitar Bosevski

Dimitar Bosevski

Microsoft Practice Lead
Practice Lead Bio

Dimitar is a Microsoft Practice Lead and Technical Architect with more than 10 years of experience. He started his career immediately after he finished his Bachelor Degree at the University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Technical Faculty, in Bitola, Macedonia, back in the 2006.

Dimitar lives in Bitola, and is passionate about Microsoft technology. His particular area of interest in the Microsoft technology is .NET. Everything that requires learning new things, acquiring new skills and developing itself is what attracts him.

As a practice lead, Dimitar believes in working in a team. He sees the team as a place where everyone can challenge, support each other and furthermore learn from each other. As he says: For me working in a team of professionals is a pleasure and opportunity to evolve. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with other team members in a friendly environment.

Outside work, Dimitar enjoys travelling, visiting places that he hasn’t visited before, exploring nature, and moreover he enjoys solving puzzles. Puzzles represent a brain training for him, so in his spare time he doesn’t only solve puzzles, but he also creates interesting and fun brain teasers. His personal motto is: I never lose… either I win or I learn.

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