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Mobile Development Practice Story

Pete owned a company for selling furniture. It was a successful company with a huge revenue and his business was progressing as never before. As new ideas came up, Pete managed to keep up with them and everything was flourishing. However, with the emerge of smartphones and the innovations in technology, his success began to decline a bit. He saw this, and started investigating what the reasons are. Besides this, he noticed that people were entering his stores and all of them were asking the same questions: Do you maybe have a mobile app? Can we order online? Etc.

Time passed by and Pete noticed bigger decline in his revenue, as people weren’t visiting his stores so much as previously. He called a meeting with his managers to discuss this issue. They looked carefully at the issue and came to the conclusion that they should take into consideration what his customers were asking and make some change about it. So, they decided to make a step forward and hire an IT specialist who will make all the changes necessary to bring back the success that they once had.

They were advised to create a mobile app which will have all the features that a customer experiences when entering a store. And so it happened, Pete had his own mobile app about his business, and the next time when customers asked about a mobile app, he proudly instructed them how to install and use it.

After a while, he did an analysis to check whether the applied changes brought success, and to his surprise everything was as before and he even increased his revenue.

What We Do For You

We provide a full-stack of services for development and maintenance of mobile applications. Our strength is in delivering quality solutions to customers using our exhaustive experience gained over past projects. Our team of professionals brings up innovative and fresh ideas, which gives our clients the most desired mobile solutions. We have extensive experience in creating apps for our customers in areas including: geo-location, education, e-commerce, agriculture as well as productivity mobile applications, and computer vision which we can demonstrate at any point per request.

How We Do It


Native Android

Custom-built mobile applications working on every Android device.

Native iOS

Custom-built mobile applications working on every iOS device.

CrossPlatform (Flutter)

Create custom-built mobile applications that work on every possible device no matter of the OS.



Enhance your knowledge with an app that has everything in one place - training materials, tests, certificates etc.

Science/Marine Biology

Custom-built platforms with features enabling you to get all information that you need.


Get a complete idea up to realization architecture for your business.


Easy sell your products via your mobile devices with custom-built stores.


Connect your physical stores to a custom-built server solutions via your mobile devices.

How We Can Empower You

  • Location and GPS based applications
  • Educational applications
  • Application with heavy use of integration with Web Services
  • Full feature business applications that allow companies to perform their business needs from any location
  • Field data collection
  • Computer vision
Mile Stefanovski

Mile Stefanovski

Mobile Practice Lead
Practice Lead Bio

Mile is a Technical Architect with more than 10 years of experience in software development. He started his career in IT shortly after a brief excursion in the waters of education. He got his Bachelor Degree in Mathematics and Physics from the “St. Kiril and Metodij” University in Skopje, Faculty of Natural sciences and Mathematics.

Technology-wise, he is passionate about mobile technologies currently focusing on Xamarin, because he believes that not everything has to be written twice even if the code is running on different platforms.

According to him, teamwork is an essential skill that every developer should posses, this is why he strives to build great teams. If you ask him, how you do it, he would say: I see the company as my second family and my team as my close family, once you get into that mindset it’s easy to do so because you spend most of your day with them, after that everything comes naturally.

Outside work, Mile loves spending time with his family mostly at home, because you cannot always travel. Other interests include, watching movies, reading books, listening to music but not Facebook, although he has one.

Mile does not have a personal motto, he doesn’t believe that a short sentence or phrase can encapsulate the beliefs or ideals of an individual. But putting a gun to his head, he would say: Do to others, as you want others to do to you.

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