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Mulesoft Practice Story

Once upon a time there was a guy named Erik who had a business in the retail industry. He had several shops in the country and all of them had different systems and were functioning in a different way. He had control over them and everything was working perfectly well. But, Erik decided that it is time to make a change, and put all of his shops under one system, and under one way of working. He went to an IT company to ask what can be done. The IT experts suggested him to create one new system, and implement it in all of the shops. They even gave him a price, which was a bit too high.

Erik left the office and went home. All the way to home he was pondering about the solution that the IT company offered. It was too expensive, but at least he will have one system. A minute before he was ready to call the IT company and make an agreement, he heard about our MuleSoft practice which offers integration of diverse systems and applications. He got interested about it and decided to give at least a call. The solution that was proposed was far more better, less time-consuming and above all more efficient. That’s when Erik decided to use MuleSoft and solve his problems.

And what we offer?

What We Do For You

Our MuleSoft practice has 100% certified team of highly motivated and skilled consultants that have been involved in many integration/migration projects experienced enough to ensure that they work in tandem with the client’s overall digital strategy, aligning systems with your business requirements, simplifying the implementation of enterprise integration. The Focus is API management, Data integration, ETL , Querying, normalizing, and transforming data, ESB solutions etc.

How We Do It

AnyPoint Design Center

Build connectors, implement data and application integration flows, and dramatically simplify API design, reuse, and testing.

AnyPoint Exchange

Save, discover and reuse APIs and integration assets.

AnyPoint Management Center

Manage APIs and users, analyze traffic, monitor SLAs, troubleshoot underlying integration flows, and more.

Mule Runtime Engine

Combine data and application integration across legacy systems, SaaS applications, and APIs.

AnyPoint Connectors

Easily integrate your Mule applications with third-party APIs and use them within your application’s flow to send and receive data via a specific API.

Platform Services

Speed, scale, and secure Anypoint Platform.

How We Can Empower You

  • Integration analysis and planning
  • API definition, design: RAML
  • Anypoint platform API implementation
  • Anypoint platform API Governance: Security, QoS, Monitoring
  • Mule High Availability Cluster
  • Messaging Middleware
  • SOA/EAI solution design, implementation and unit testing
  • Data Integration, IoT, ESB, SaaS Integration
  • Custom solutions for  message routing, processing, validation  and transformation
  • Process and methodology for migration
  • Efficient service development and orchestration
  • Configuration management



Bridge legacy systems with new technologies and deliver on digital transformation initiatives.


Analyze your customers' behavior and anticipate their needs while you optimize your revenue.


Shorten your development time, improve productivity and build omnichannel relationships with your customers.

Financial Services

Use your data from your office to drive more revenue, and provide your clients with new services whenever and wherever they want.

Blagojche Rajchinoski

Blagojche Rajchinoski

MuleSoft Practice Lead
Practice Lead Bio

Blagojche is a MuleSoft Practice Lead with 11+ years of professional IT experience with in analysis, design, development and implementation, migration and support in the area of Enterprise Application Integration.

As an IT professional he had an opportunity to work for clients from different industries on a wide variety of integration projects especially on complex middleware migration projects.

He has also experience in the retail and telecommunication industries where he has actively been involved in most of the project activities, starting from design to roll out and support. These projects have him the chance to show his abilities for leading the team, designing, developing, testing and supporting the products we built.

Blagojche is a dynamic, honest and trustworthy person. And as most of us, he enjoys travelling and visiting new places.

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