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Support Practice Story

Laura lives in a village near the biggest city in the country. She lives a healthy life, eating healthy food and exercising daily – jogging and walking. She doesn’t do regular check-ups, nor does she monitor her health as she believes that living in a village and eating healthy food is enough for being healthy. One day she woke up and felt dizziness and headache. She omitted those symptoms as she was a strong believer in her health and healthy lifestyle. This continued for maybe a year, and when the symptoms worsened she decided to visit a doctor. She did some checkups and found out that her health isn’t at its best, and she needed to take some pills for the rest of her life.

Now, imagine that your systems and products are just like Laura’s body. You think that everything works perfectly and you do not need to monitor them. They consist of so many tiny parts, connected among each other that the malfunction of only one of it can lead to not a disaster, but a serious condition. If you monitor your system continuously and pay attention on all the symptoms that occur, you will take precautions and avoid any unwanted situations. And in cases when some small malfunction occur, you will know how to react since you have been monitoring the processes all the time.


What We Do For You

Our Support & Maintenance Practice exists to monitor all your systems and prevent major breakdowns and malfunction occur. Our team is 24/7 up to have your workstations and systems monitored all the time in order to avoid spending long hours functionless. We:

  • Offer a range of support programs designed to meet customer requirements and scale with the growing needs of the companies.
  • Our mission is to minimize business disruption, maximize protection, and increase the value of the investment with the appropriate level of customer support.
  • Help you reduce the domino effect that can negatively impact users when a device or services fails in a highly optimized and tightly integrated IT environment.
  • Improve availability -> Resolve issues more quickly and reduce outages to help increase the productivity of your IT staff and end users.
  • Provide 24/7 Multi-channel Support (Phone, Email).
  • Prepare automatic daily reports for the stability of the environment (System monitoring).
  • Provide full suite of services built to match the organizational support needs.
  • Support your unique needs with a customizable portfolio of services designed for flexibility.
  • Quarterly support planning and activity review meetings with project stakeholders.
  • Respond within 1 hour for on-site problems.

How We Do It


Automation of the non-human part of the software development process, with continuous integration and facilitating technical aspects of continuous delivery.

Solar Winds

Multi-vendor network monitoring for fault, performance and availability

Apache Maven

Dependency management including automatic updating, dependency closures, and transitive dependencies.


Proactively monitor key indicators and exceptions across the entire stack.


Monitors mission-critical infrastructure components such as applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, system metrics, and network infrastructure.


DevOps collaboration to get features and fixes into production more quickly.

Cloud Watch

Monitoring for AWS resources and the customer applications running on the Amazon infrastructure (EC2, RDS..)

App Dynamics

Monitor, automate, and analyze every business transaction with the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform.

How We Can Empower You

Operational Rules Management

  • Review client’s environment and platform;
  • Define expected behavior of the platform, environment and pipelines;
  • Define operational parameters for measured aspects;
  • Define RACI Support Matrix;
  • Configure monitoring tools for alerts, warnings, errors, notifications and escalations;
  • Implement and continuously monitor a well-oiled process, so the client can be sure that the data is successfully loaded, the environment is up and running, and that there are no major undetected problems;
  • Implement solution and process to enable a stable production environment with continuous visibility and no data loss;
  • Enable solid and repeatable SDLC procedures, automation, transparency, more efficient dev team (by delimitating the tasks that should be performed by DevOps team: building, testing and deploying several customer facing APIs related to the client’s Order Management processes)


Platform Capacity/Health Monitoring

  • Monitor system services for CPU usage, memory consumption, node activity, heartbeat, running;
  • Monitor using provided APIs for node activity, heartbeat, running version, time up, etc.;
  • Monitor individual Java processes on the OS level;



Configuration of environments DEV, QA and PROD environments under Linux operating system and setup security between the products.


Supporting middleware implementation focused on number management, inventory management and billing system.

Charity Organization

24/7 Support of backend services for Charity organization web portal.


Configuring the environment for member portal for company which provides information for passengers who passed the airport and people who have private airplanes.


Implementing/Supporting a web solution for document management system.


Member portal that will introduce better member services.

Slavcho Jankoski

Slavcho Jankoski

DevOps Practice Lead
Practice Lead Bio

Slavcho is a Support and Maintenance Practice Lead with 10+ Years of experience in development, testing, maintenance, design, analysis and deployment of integration solutions and J2EE applications.

Additionally, he has a vast experience in TIBCO,  Hawk web Console, Enterprise Message Service Central Administration (EMSCA), IBM Websphere Message Broker Websphere Process Server 6.0, Websphere Integration Developer 6.0, Websphere MQ,Web Services, Hudson, Jenkins, SharePoint platform etc. Extensive experience in full life cycle of the software design process including requirements definition, prototyping, proof of concept, design, interface implementation, testing and maintenance.

Slavcho is a great team player, who has excellent analytical, presentation and inter personal skills.

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