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PHP Practice Story

Mark decided to open a banking company whose purpose will be to provide his clients with the finances they need for their business. Mark had a really good policy, and when he started the business he had only 3 clients. The clients were satisfied as the company functioned in this way: the client got the needed resources from another person, and Mike paid for those resources. It was like a triangle.

His business was flourishing, as it was something which no one had it till then. As time passed by, the number of clients increased and Mark was encountered with the problem of sending and working with invoices, also the process of calculating the invoice payment delay percentage became a burden, and people started forgetting to pay their invoices.

What could Mark do to help himself?

He owned a computer, so he thought that he might put all that paperwork into it and improve his work efficiency. He decided to consult an IT company for a solution. They looked through the company and the problems Mike had carefully and proposed a solution based on PHP. The solution solved Mike’s problems by giving him an easy way for invoicing – creating and keeping invoices wasn’t a tiresome task anymore, all of the invoices were stored online and they could be accessed whenever the client wanted. Additionally, he got an automated process for calculating the invoice payment delay, thus adding a rate to the invoice. Even more all clients got email and mobile notifications as a reminder for their unpaid invoices, since the solution was easily implementable with all mobile devices.

Mark was beyond happy with this solution, and when the number of clients increased, and the time needed for maintenance and work was reduced he was the happiest ever.

What We Do For You

Our main focus is on providing our clients with adequate web-based solutions. Our PHP based services can be easily connected with all mobile apps thus taking the burden of being available not only on web, but on mobile as well of the back of our clients. We can provide you with a wide range of services starting from simple WordPress website to the most complex web-payment solution. Working with external APIs and implementing into our PHP code.

How We Do It


Have dynamic and interactive Web pages created with an efficient and powerful tool.


Building and styling web pages with the core technologies for it.


Easily build single-page web applications using this popular JavaScript framework.

Java Script/JQuery

Add dynamic behavior, store information, and handle requests and responses on a website.


Efficient delivery of high-performance, reliable and scalable Web-based and embedded database applications.


Effectively build clean semantic templates based on the Mustache Templating Language.

How We Can Empower You

  • Fully developed custom-built PHP applications along with maintenance;
  • Front-end web development using HTML, CSS and Javascript;
  • Creating dynamic websites;
  • Providing customized e-commerce solutions for every business need;
  • Helping businesses manage their customer-related business processes by developing CRM applications;
  • Complete redesign of existing websites, making them more interactive and dynamic;
  • Creating and managing classified portals;
  • Solutions which are full-based on a cloud;
  • Easy integration with internal systems;
  • Help in doing business analyses which will help you in making right decisions;
  • Creating architecture designs;
  • Development of custom-built web and software solutions;
  • Creating custom CMS designs and implementation of the same, by having the customer completely involved in the entire designs, as well as in the implementation process of the system;
  • Providing complete architecture solution for your ideas.



Creating solutions that improve our clients' users experience.


Have customized CRM applications that will increase the trust of your clients.

Public Services

Ease the way of serving the public.


Pay for your products online and take them from the store whenever you want.


Easy-to-use solutions, which improve customer satisfaction and at the same time increase your ROI.


Give your students an easy way to engage in on-demand learning opportunities, expand the impact and reach that your teachers have and manage the administrative tasks with ease.

Marko Gichevski

Marko Gichevski

PHP Practice Lead
Practice Lead Bio

Marko Gicevski is a PHP Practice Lead  with more than 8 years of experience, experience that can be used to bring the Designer’s concept to life through a mix of PHP, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Laravel Framework, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc. Marko is devoted on developing information systems by studying operations, designing, developing and creating software solutions, supporting and empowering software teams.

He is a hard worker, good communicator and well-organized person. He works very good with others and is able to work unsupervised, working in team of professionals with deep knowledge and ability to turn requirements into reality with well-designed solutions, providing skills for research new development, modification, reuse, and maintenance.

Some of this strengths are: creativity, open-mindedness, love to learn new skills, topics etc.,  perspective, persistent, kind, flexible, communicative and experienced team player who is easy to adapt to new environment.

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