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Tibco Practice Story

Imagine you are an owner of a huge bank corporation with several branch offices in your country. Your business is flourishing and everything goes as smoothly as possible. And since the business is going so good, you want to expand it more, but this time abroad. You make all the necessary things for opening a new branch office in another country and so the big day comes. All of the congrats go to your side and you start working. Being in another country requires following the standards, rules and laws of that country and so it affects the working and the systems that you use in your company. Very often, those systems differ than the ones that you have in your homeland. Sometimes, no problems occur and everything works as it is supposed to, but more often different systems may interfere between each other and thus hinder the proper working of your company.

Developing a new system, which can be used in both places is one solution that might prevent this, but it requires time, research, money and you never know whether it will be successful. However, what you can do is use both of your systems in your benefit, make them two in one. Forget the idea of developing a new system, or the notion that nothing can help you. Instead, integrate both of your systems into one – make a bridge between them two, and let them communicate and interact as one. TIBCO can offer you that and even more. Put an end to your worries about it by using this integration tool.

What We Do For You

Our TIBCO team has solid experience in improving enterprise business processes and operations using TIBCO BPM product suite, especially the mission-critical processes which are vital for normal and efficient system functioning and achieving strategic company goals.

Providing highly scalable, distributable and fault tolerant event processing, automatic monitoring of information from multiple data sources, applying business rules consistently across the enterprise, capture knowledge and represent in an automated system is additional area of expertise of our TIBCO team. The solutions we have provided provide contextual insight to the companies and help them mitigate risks and generate profits.

How We Do It


Make your business as flexible and efficient as possible.


Achieve better outcomes by coordinating your processes, people and context and actions.


Java™ Message Service (JMS) broker, that allows any application that supports JMS, whether home grown or third-party, to quickly and easily exchange messages.


TIBCO Hawk is a sophisticated tool for monitoring and managing distributed applications and systems throughout the enterprise.


Use the meaningful business information from events and predict your customers’ needs, make faster decisions and act as fast as possible.

How We Can Empower You

Application and Data Integration

Tibco BW

• Standardized methodologies, governance, templates and frameworks that bring structure and reuse;
• Improved visibility into enterprise-wide system events and exceptions;
• Agile new product launches through an improved SOA based integration infrastructure;
• Guaranteed message delivery provided by intelligent retry mechanisms;
• Fully customizable Audit and Debug logging;
• Error-management and audit-logging utility services;
• Deployment pipelines and automated builds for continuous deployment;
• Application and product based trainings for our clients;
• System and operational support.

Complex Event Processing

Tibco BE

• Correlation of massive volumes of data with discrete events
• Definition of rules to identify situations that require a response
• Extraction of real-time intelligence from high volumes of fast-moving data


Business Process Management

Tibco BPM

• Automation of end to end business processes
• Coordination of tasks and resources (systems and people)
• Dynamic process management
• Process analysis and optimization



Improve your customer experience, give your brand a new look and increase your sales by connecting your physical and digital channels.


Give your customers a completely new experience by digitizing your business, and at the same time increase your ROI.


Provide customers with complete and smart control over the process of supply chain management.


Use insights to accelerate your decisions - transform research, development and business data into actionable insights.


Provide your customers with decision making solutions and optimize their revenue.

Blagoj Trajkovski

Blagoj Trajkovski

Tibco BW BPM Practice Lead
Practice Lead Bio

As a TIBCO Practice Lead, Blagoj is an experienced process and system integration specialist and has extensive knowledge in the field of process and information analysis in service-oriented environments. He has expert level skills in Enterprise Applications Integration (EAI) using a range of TIBCO Products.

Apart from his expertise, he enjoys nature and outdoors and is passionate about snowboarding.

Personal motto: Enjoy everything! Have fun with what you do!

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