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Set innovation in motion and make your company digitally smarter


Existing in a rapidly-changing technological world requires constantly following the latest trends, and using data to improve business intelligence. TIBCO exists on the market since 1997 and since then has focused on improving and providing its users with a tool that they can leverage to create outstanding experiences.


InterWorks’ team has been working with TIBCO since 2004, or more specifically since the establishing of InterWorks. Having TIBCO basis and long years of expertise in the telco, retail, manufacturing industry, our TIBCO services are oriented towards providing solutions that will enable each and every company not to only improve and easily interconnect all of their systems, from APIs and system to even devices and people, but also to use data in a way that will drive their company into the innovation field.



How We Can Empower You

Application and Data Integration

Tibco BW

  • Standardized methodologies, governance, templates and frameworks that bring structure and reuse;
    • Improved visibility into enterprise-wide system events and exceptions;
    • Agile new product launches through an improved SOA based integration infrastructure;
    • Guaranteed message delivery provided by intelligent retry mechanisms;
    • Fully customizable Audit and Debug logging;
    • Error-management and audit-logging utility services;
    • Deployment pipelines and automated builds for continuous deployment;
    • Application and product-based training for our clients;
    • System and operational support.

Complex Event Processing

Tibco BE

• Correlation of massive volumes of data with discrete events
• Definition of rules to identify situations that require a response
• Extraction of real-time intelligence from high volumes of fast-moving data


Business Process Management

Tibco BPM

• Automation of end to end business processes
• Coordination of tasks and resources (systems and people)
• Dynamic process management
• Process analysis and optimization

How We Do It


Make your business as flexible and efficient as possible.


Achieve better outcomes by coordinating your processes, people and context and actions.


Java™ Message Service (JMS) broker, that allows any application that supports JMS, whether home grown or third-party, to quickly and easily exchange messages.


TIBCO Hawk is a sophisticated tool for monitoring and managing distributed applications and systems throughout the enterprise.


Use the meaningful business information from events and predict your customers’ needs, make faster decisions and act as fast as possible.

Blagoj Trajkovski

Blagoj Trajkovski

Tibco BW BPM Practice Lead
Practice Lead Bio

As a TIBCO Practice Lead, Blagoj is an experienced process and system integration specialist and has extensive knowledge in the field of process and information analysis in service-oriented environments. He has expert level skills in Enterprise Applications Integration (EAI) using a range of TIBCO Products.

Apart from his expertise, he enjoys nature and outdoors and is passionate about snowboarding.

Personal motto: Enjoy everything! Have fun with what you do!

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