InterWorks Chatbot

The Challenge

A US retailer chain has a large number of daily clients looking for FAQ info by writing emails or messages on Facebook. The retailer’s support team performs a highly time-consuming process by manually reviewing and answering those messages. InterWorks’ Cloud team offered help and set up a goal – to implement a chat bot solution that will reduce up to 65% of this time-consuming job.

  • Make analysis and define the set of FAQ that should be part of the future solution
  • Get familiar with Retailer’s support team workflow, recognize the type of directions and help that they provide
  • Design and provide architecture that will provide real time response
  • Detect and implement edge cases – chat bot does not know the answer, there are several possibilities, need additional info etc.
  • Find out all security aspects related to personal information that can be shared or exchanged on Facebook
  • Try to answer as many questions as possible before the end user is required to contact Retailer’s support team
  • Provide easy upgradable solution that can easily accommodate new scenarios


InterWorks’ Cloud team, after detailed analyses, proposed and built chat bot, providing:

  • Automated replies to FAQ questions,
  • Excellent road map of how to find useful info.

Our solution is based on Amazon Web Services Lex conversational engine that can be easily integrated with FB messenger. Processing the requests is done using serverless Lambda functions.

AWS Lex provides quick and easy way to create custom intents that will understand client’s questions and respond with a more suitable answer.

We leverage default chat bot layout using interactive images and buttons, making user experience more convenient.

After the chat bot became publicly available, we asked for feedback about the amount of manually processed request. The improvement was more than what we expected. Over 70% of the clients were able to find info by only using the chat bot from FB messenger.

Benefits and Results

  • Support team reduced the manual work up to 75%;
  • Support team gained time to focus on more demanding tasks and raise support quality and client’s satisfaction;
  • Our chat bot solution is easily upgradable so we can add new functionalities in any time;
  • Current running platform for Chat bot is Facebook, but it can be easily integrated with any web site.


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