let’s do IT together

We like to try Outsourcing but we have never done it before. What can we do?

Don’t worry! We can Lead you through the process.

We are experts in Outsourcing and we have outsourced to the traditional outsourcing markets, like India, Vietnam, China. Are you comfortable with that?

No problem. We have 10+ years of outsourcing experience so we can adjust to any process very fast. We have grown up on a USA market, so we are pretty much confident we can handle any challenge. Anyway, we want to learn and we want to learn from experts.

We are a start up with only 5 employees. Will you work with us?

Sure. We started with 5 consultants as well and we know what a given hand means

As a start up we have limited budget but great plans for the future. Can you wait for us to grow up?

Sure. We can share the risk with you if you have a bright business idea

What is the largest project you can support?

Important numbers on our largest project in Telco industry: average 36 concurrently working consultants, during the period of 42 months with a budget of several million $

But, we want only 2 developers even 1 on your project?

No problem. We have an ongoing project for 1 consultant for 2-3 years

What about cultural differences?

It is a challenge. But we love challenges since through challenges we learn and improve. Bernard Shaw says: “If I have an apple and you have an apple and we exchange them we’ll end-up with one apple each. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange them we’ll end up with 2 ideas each”. The same stands for Cultural differences exchange.

How can we be convinced you are the right guys?

There is no other option than experience. Try us; it will cost you no money for the pilot project. It is our standard at the beginning of the relationship to give you POC/Trial project with (at least) 2 man/months. So, no invoices, no obligations to continue with us

How long does it take to start a relationship with InterWorks?

Couple of weeks. I would say, it depends more on you and your habbits, cultural background and your previous experience with outsourcing. So whenever you are ready, we can do it in very short time. To protect you and us as well, we want to have NDA signed prior the exchanging the ideas about the business. Second is SOW, which migh be not too formal: just enough to define the scope of the work, start, expected duration and some comercial elements.

What about different time zones?

We have a lot of experience working with teams in different time zones, from US on the West to India and China on the East.

Can your consultants travel onsite?

Yes, but we are trying to minimize their stay and frequency of traveling. If it is not the case, what will be the point of outsourcing? What about the lodging and travel expenses, per-diems, office rent, infrastructure and training expenses etc.? With outsourcing, you pay for the Rate only. Pretty simple and cheap, isn’t it?

Are you flexible?

As stated before, we like long-term relationships. Therefore, we are doing our best to be as flexible as possible just to keep or create a long-term relationship. If there is a misunderstanding, we can take the blame and give both sides second chance

What about your staff, are they profound in English?

We are working for the USA market for more than 10 years.

Do you say 'No' to your Clients?

Contrary to many outsourcing destinations we can say “No” to the Client if it is for the benefit of the project

What about working in shifts?

There were many examples in the past when we organized our teams to work in shifts on a limited time period. When it is 24/7 support, we are organized in shifts for the support time period

How can you describe the relationship between the onsite and your offshore team?

Whenever a new project starts, we insist to break down the border between the teams (If there is any) as soon as possible, because we believe only in one team concept. The success of the project or its failure is common responsibility, of the onsite and tne offshore team.

How frequent your employees check their e-mail?

We have a corporate policy: “the e-mails have to be checked every 30 minutes”. The second policy is that it is expected to be responded on the e-mail in the first hour of its receipt, no matter if it is internal or external e-mail.