media policy

Online Photo, Video, and Audio Recording Policy

This policy applies to all attendees of online events organized by ⋮IWConnect such as webinars, meetings, public appearances, promotions and presentations, celebrations when might be conducted photography, audio, and video recording (which is not video surveillance), including employees and guests.

The recorded materials from events (photos, videos, and audio recordings), where you might be personally presented might be used by the company for different legitimate purposes and scope of usage as follows:

Internal usage:

  • Meeting events which are not-open-ended are for company’s internal purposes only. such as listening to the recorded material again for statements and conclusions necessary for the smooth running of the company’s operations. Such recorded materials are classified as confidential.

Public usage:

  • Promote the company to third parties (on social media profiles owned by the company or ⋮IWConnect’s website)
  • Legal matters

The company will use recorded materials only if you give your consent that you may withdraw at any time.

When organizing on-line events, the company uses renowned third-party tools that guarantee the protection of personal data and only authorized persons of the company can conduct the recording as well as have access to the recorded materials.

When online tools are used, the company applies a pre-notification mechanism that will inform you about the theme of the event, if the event will be recorded and the scope of the usage (internal purposes or public) so that, depending on the options of the tool, you will be able to give your consent explicitly or implicitly by deciding to attend the event or not.