NetSuite Integration

The Challenge

The client is a US Telecommunication and wireless equipment company, and they needed integration of the business data between internal and external applications, and NetSuite (cloud based ERP). The main business driver was to gain efficiencies in the core business processes with a single fully integrated system covering ERP, CRM, eCommerce, Enterprise Inventory and more.

InterWorks implemented scheduled and triggered SnapLogic services, which are built based on best practices and standards, in designing effective integration patterns and solutions to support large-scale integration of enterprise systems.


Conversion and migration of applications, data storage and compute cycles to take advantage of cloud computing

  • Integration of client’s internal and external business data and processes with NetSuite – unified business management suite that encompasses ERP, CRM and eCommerce
  • Business entities and flows as Accounts, Contacts, Invoices, Credits, Bank reconciliations, Credit Card Transactions and enterprise applications as Salesforce, AMEX, FireApps, SunGard, Serengeti etc., should be translated into corresponding objects in NetSuite or vice versa. The number and complexity of involved application and systems makes the integration a significant challenge.
  • Establish common SnapLogic design patterns and enforce company’s best software practices
  • Choose right ERP implementation and migration strategy
  • Overcome the learning curve of using iPaaS with modern integration challenges, and shortage of skilled resources


  • InterWorks built robust integration solution for easy management of core business processes and fast data synchronization. Using SnapLogic we provided a near real time integration between cloud-based NetSuite, and on premise and cloud-based enterprise applications.
  • We developed complex pipelines that are scheduled and/or triggered as a result of external invocations.
  • Based on our deep technical expertise and many years’ experience working on large-scale integration projects we implemented flexible and efficient integration framework that provides common functionalities as exception handling, logging, retry mechanisms, data validations and transformations.
  • SnapLogic application we built connects and successfully creates, modify and obtains data from NetSuite with custom Snap package that has all needed features to fully integrate with NetSuite
  • SnapLogic pipelines connect to other apps via SOAP and REST API calls.
  • We implemented common error handling solution: storage of error data into DB, email notifications, creation of Jira tickets and updating flags into the source system to make debugging process easier.


Benefits and Results

  • Solid implementation strategy for the Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) system tailored to the enterprise, products and services.
  • Reduced time to market, accelerated revenue realization and lowered product and package development costs.
  • Seamless integration of multiple heterogeneous source systems and applications.
  • Comprehensive programming and configuration model with common functionalities developed following best practices and coding standards, well-defined interfaces and component encapsulation.
  • Improved data representation, harmonization and analytics by the integration with the cloud based NetSuite system.
  • SnapLogic’s dynamic cloud environment provides options to scale up and down in response to different application loads.
  • Long term, the solution reduces integration delivery risk, increases implementation speed, reduces costs and increases quality.


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