Software outsourcing to North Macedonia - InterWorks

Software outsourcing to North Macedonia

What’s North Macedonia like:

Our country has 2 million people and the capital is Skopje, which unfortunately is over populated and most people tend to migrate there. Fortunately, InterWorks is located in Bitola and Prilep, cities that are one hour away from a lake, two hours away from the sea and only 15 minutes away from the mountain. This means you have a lot of options and cool things to do during the whole year. Bitola is a city with a long term tradition so waling its streets and experiencing life there is definitely a unique experience. Prilep is another very interesting city that offers a lot of interesting and fun things to do.

Do people speak English?

Yes, and mostly very well! Our business communication is English, so most people in Macedonia tend to speak English quite well. That is why working with clients around the world is quite easy since we speak the same two languages: English and computers.

What about the costs?

North Macedonia is considered to be a country with one of the lowest living costs in Europe.  According to Numbeo the cost of rent is 96% lower than New York, consumer prices are 64% lower than London and restaurant prices are 82% lower than Copenhagen.

What can you do for fun?

Living in North Macedonia means having a lot of amenities and things to do for fun. Starting from bowling to skiing to going out. The great thing about living here and working at InterWorks is great work-life balance and enough time to spend with friends and family.