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Bitola Archives - InterWorks

Measuring and Visualization of the Business with Tableau

Once you start a business, the time begins to fly faster than before. In such busy conditions, everyone is faced with the challenge of lack of time and sometimes we move without a definite direction, which on the other side leads to stagnation or work which does not result to significant profit. Hereby we show […]

Service Virtualization with Parasoft Virtualize CE

Agile software development and DevOps are gaining more popularity day by day and the demand for tools to deliver service virtualization is growing rapidly as well. As a result, service virtualization is becoming an important concept in software development and QA/testing. In this article we will talk about service virtualization and a tool that enables […]

InterWorks developed SEOS application for Municipality of Bitola

After the various discussions InterWorks had with the Municipality of Bitola, we decided to develop unified system for management of outdoor objects of significance in a specified area – an SEOS application. The system was developed in order to help the Municipality solve their need quickly and efficiently. The application provides improved analysis for efficiency, […]