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Young developers of the world, Unite!

In the eyes of the World Labor Day, I use metaphorically the well-known slogan of Karl Marx who in 1848 called young proletarians to fight for their labor rights. He realized that only through unification, the workers would be stronger. I use the Marx’s slogan to address you, young  developers.     As a human […]

Why SCRUM simply works?

Introduction   In today’s competitive and dynamic business environment, software development is increasingly driven by the focused needs of customers and businesses, both of whom require rapid response to their requirements. Feedback must be immediately incorporated into products and engineering teams must be able to deliver the exact product their customer is looking for on […]

InterWorks is helping people advance their professional skills

Finding the right courses that can help you advance your professional skills can be hard or expensive to do. In the era of information overload it is rather difficult to understand which course can be something useful for you. That is why InterWorks decided to provide free courses for everyone who wants to learn something […]