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Creating workflow with durable function as an extension of Azure function

Our responsibility as technical consultants at InterWorks is to give our clients the best technical solution for their problem, but also to make sure that the exact solution will save money. The solutions should give our clients a chance to spend less money, but get more value. Azure functions and durable functions as core of […]

Analyze your events using the power of Azure Face API and Vision

Face recognition?! Yeah, it is nothing new… we have already seen a lot of face recognition applications even before Facebook came on the market. We all know how face recognition works, but for those not sure about it here is how it works: the face recognition systems are based on the face recognition algorithm, which […]

Parallel tests execution with Blue Ocean Pipeline

This article describes how to create Jenkins pipeline using Blue Ocean for parallel test execution of API tests implemented with JMeter and UI tests implemented with Selenium Web Driver. Introduction The Blue Ocean UI aims to improve clarity, reduce clutter and navigational depth to make the user experience very concise. It can be installed side-by-side […]

Development of custom sleep Snap for SnapLogic platform

Working with SnapLogic and other integration tools all these years made me think multiple times and explore a bit what is going on “behind the scenes” and learn a bit more about how the platforms work, what is the core code behind them etc. Having in mind that we all started with application development when […]

How to build smart contracts for Ethereum Blockchain using Solidity

Blockchain has made a revolution these days and left everyone with thousands of questions. This challenging technology moved the world and promised a new wave, not only in the tech world, but also in any area that needs third party authorization. We were not left behind this euphoria and we’re hands on these amazing technologies. […]

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