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If You Seek Business Growth – Implement the Salesforce Platform

We live in a world where we put focus on our clients every single day. They are our top responsibility! Delivering results to them makes us better, and makes them happy! Since we focus on our clients, why don’t we offer them a solution that will make their ROI better? This is where Salesforce comes […]

Improved Real-Time Processing of Payments via Mobile

Overview & Problem Long gone are the days when people went to the bank and waited in line to make payments. Nowadays, most of the people use their mobile phones to make a payment. If you are in the industry which requires online payments you probably want your payment system to be always up-to-date, fast, […]

Generic JDBC – Table Operation, custom developed snap

Introduction Creating something that can be reused and will save you time is crucial not only for the developers but for the businesses too. Using SnapLogic you can express your needs and creativity in custom developed snaps which is also a great chance to look behind the scene and understand the core concepts of the […]

Testing Kafka with JMeter

In this article we will describe the steps of integration of JMeter with Kafka. Introduction: Apache Kafka is a distributed publish-subscribe streaming platform that is very similar to a message queue or enterprise messaging system. Kafka is designed for distributed high throughput systems and works well as a replacement of a traditional message broker. For […]

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