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Testing Kafka with JMeter

In this article we will describe the steps of integration of JMeter with Kafka. Introduction: Apache Kafka is a distributed publish-subscribe streaming platform that is very similar to a message queue or enterprise messaging system. Kafka is designed for distributed high throughput systems and works well as a replacement of a traditional message broker. For […]

Creating workflow with durable function as an extension of Azure function

Our responsibility as technical consultants at InterWorks is to give our clients the best technical solution for their problem, but also to make sure that the exact solution will save money. The solutions should give our clients a chance to spend less money, but get more value. Azure functions and durable functions as core of […]

Analyze your events using the power of Azure Face API and Vision

Face recognition?! Yeah, it is nothing new… we have already seen a lot of face recognition applications even before Facebook came on the market. We all know how face recognition works, but for those not sure about it here is how it works: the face recognition systems are based on the face recognition algorithm, which […]

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