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Boosting JIRA Reports using PowerShell

PowerShell scripts are widely used by small or large enterprises. This scripting language has been provided by Microsoft and by using it IT professionals are empowered to securely manage various Windows functions and operations through easy-to-use command-line shell. If we can enumerate all the features that are supported to be accessed and managed by PowerShell […]

Using Inflectra SpiraTest with Atlassian JIRA

Introduction This article describes how to integrate SpiraTest with JIRA, enabling end-to-end solution for the management of the testing lifecycle. This integration is ideal for situations when SpiraTest is used as test management system, while development and bug tracking is accomplished by JIRA. SpiraTest is a complete quality assurance and test management platform that comes with […]

Xray integration with Robot testing framework

In this article we are going to describe the integration between Xray test management plugin for JIRA and Robot test automation framework utilizing Jenkins. We will elaborate the configurations that need to be done, so results from automated execution of tests implemented in Robot framework can be transferred back to Xray/JIRA where tests are documented. […]

Ease Your Hiring Process with Jira

The job of an HR Manager can be a stressful one, especially if you do not have a well-established system for hiring employees. Full mailbox, lots of paper, filling different files with candidates’ info, not meeting deadlines, postponing meetings, frustration and finally stress affect the work performance. How can Jira help here? Having in mind […]

Custom Groovy Post Functions in Jira Workflows

What is a Jira workflow?   A Jira workflow is a basic part of Jira since it describes a process.  All the statuses and transitions in a workflow in fact describe the path that an issue goes through from the creation to its closing. Except for its basic meaning, the workflow is where we can […]

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