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Experimenting with Kotlin and JVM on AWS Lambda

Amazon Web Services has announced Lambda containers that support Java since mid 2015. Lambda provides the Amazon Linux build of openjdk 1.8 which means that Lambda fully supports running all languages that can be compiled and run on the Java Virtual Machine. There are many popular languages that use JVM such as Scala, Groovy and […]

AWS Lambda function supports .NET Core 2.0

On 15th of January 2018 Amazon Web Services announced new support for creating Lambda functions with the C# programming language and .NET Core 2.0 libraries. This functionality was pre-announced on Re:Invent in November in Las Vegas and was welcomed by the community. AWS Lambda is the cloud “serverless computing” service, which lets developers create functions that […]

AWS X-Ray for distributed application build using microservice architecture

In one of our projects we have exposed a set of microservices via APIGateway available for consumption. We use Lambda function (serverless architecture) in the backend. In our scenario, several API Resources are under one API and use the same Custom Authorizer. As Custom Authorizer, we are using Lambda function that authenticates the user and […]

AWS API Gateway Lambda Function Invocation Permissions – Nuts and Bolts

Introduction   AWS API Gateway supports Lambda function invocations over HTTPS. The Lambda functions can be used as functional backend or as request custom authorizers. When you create a simple microservice using AWS API Gateway and Lambda functions, you need to grant permissions to the API Gateway that will allow invocation of those functions. The […]