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Measuring and Visualization of the Business with Tableau

Once you start a business, the time begins to fly faster than before. In such busy conditions, everyone is faced with the challenge of lack of time and sometimes we move without a definite direction, which on the other side leads to stagnation or work which does not result to significant profit. Hereby we show […]

Adding CDATA section to XML element

This post explains the process of adding CDATA section to an XML element using the RenderXML activity in BW6. The Tibco BW documentation (RenderXML section) contains very basic explanation for achieving this goal, however, I would like to explain the steps required regarding these two cases: having schema with elements defined not as global; having […]

From a Freelancer to an InterWorks’ Employee

Per aspera ad astra    Through hardship to the stars – the best description of the development path of my professional career. Every day I am faced with different challenges and obstacles, and I can proudly say that I successfully overcome them. Some of those challenges might make me doubt my abilities, but the persistence and […]

How Can Blockchain Help HR in Businesses?

Introduction   One of the most significant expense for every business is the hiring of new people. Depending on the industry, sometimes the HR expenses (salary and employee benefits costs) can go up to 80% and even more. The functions of HR and Payroll exist to do exactly that – manage all processes which are […]

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