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Parallel tests execution with Blue Ocean Pipeline

This article describes how to create Jenkins pipeline using Blue Ocean for parallel test execution of API tests implemented with JMeter and UI tests implemented with Selenium Web Driver. Introduction The Blue Ocean UI aims to improve clarity, reduce clutter and navigational depth to make the user experience very concise. It can be installed side-by-side […]

Headless testing with Chrome and Selenium using Ruby

Introduction   What is a Headless testing? The term itself refers to executing automated web tests without “opening” a browser UI, or loading any visual elements from web pages. Headless testing can be executed on so-called headless browsers, which are browsers without graphical user interface. A headless browser is a browsers that doesn’t “show” any […]

Selenium Grid for mobile automated testing with Appium (Part II)

In my previous blog post, it was described how Selenium Grid and Appium can be used for creating local mobile device farm. In this blog is discussed Jenkins configuration that will support built grid of mobile devices.   Jenkins installation and basic configuration   Latest version of Jenkins can be downloaded from the official site: […]

Selenium Grid for mobile automated testing with Appium (Part I)

  In this article is described approach how Selenium Grid can be used in conjunction with Appium for parallel test execution on multiple physical mobile devices.   What is Selenium Grid?   Selenium Grid is a part of the Selenium Suite specialized for running multiple tests across different browsers, operating systems, and machines in parallel. […]

Advanced usage of Selenium IDE for web automated testing

Summary   This article gives an overview of Selenium IDE’s main features and its architecture, while in the linked document is described in details how Selenium IDE is used as a full-featured regression test automation tool. Selenium IDE is a “lightweight” full featured test automation tool for quick jump in test script creation, record and […]

Testing Web Applications with Selenium POM using C# and NUnit

When speaking of UI Automation, usually Selenium comes at first place. But why is this framework so popular? Selenium does browser automation by telling the browser to click some element, populate and submit a form, navigate to a page or do any other form of user interaction. Basically, it simulates manual testing of E2E flows. […]